Misinformation 3

What was I babbling on about?, the monkey said to the scream.

Responded with complexity of ubiquitous existence

Dread naught tender terror joy

Amassing into the dream, aether, eether, ether, either way,

The wind called it a day…

On a ream of paper, twistling about, crumpling down stream

It was a full STOP! Before went, when Wendy was washing about her waist, waxing days and legs, wanting only of wanton wills, forged in blood and ink.  Oh whisk the bowl three times hence whence it came! For the Fold!  Hold on to your brixes boys, the donkey’s got your game, your names are down now under paper clips on pads, we got folders on you men, I mean I say we got binders fulla women.

You say something?

Your tame now, cuz that’s how we like livestock, that’s how we like pets, sup on my soup, my sappy cup of little lies, beggar for truth now daughter?  Truths, truths, truths for the poor?  Excuse me, Mr., have you gotta a truth to spare, an incontrovertible truth that all yall nonayall can contradict or command?

None o’yall got a letter on a licka truth anymore, so maybe mind some of your own damn business?

You pollute the water my child drinks, the water that it baths, so you can make some dough, you dictate what I can and cannot do with my body, my temple, my very being, so you can make some money, you corrupt MY Government that is supposed to be of me, by me and for me so you can put some more coins in your pocket.  You rob us all of a home, so you can get well off more than anyone else.  Get off my planet MotherFucker!

This is the part of the story where we go into a full punk rock mosh pit mode, please enjoy this brief video:

Wasn’t that great?

Later on we’ll have to talk about hunky dora, an exceptional Cover album of Bowie’s timeless “Hunky Dory” by our very own Dora the Explora!

In my brain I have a lot of things to think about but in my heart I feel I always something to worry about, maybe that’s worrying, to have a worrisome heart, but half of me is totally fine, we’re just kind of up in the clouds and drifting off, what did you say?

What was I mumbling about?  There was a quick rude tune ringing round the ring phone telephone don’t you know phone home, it’s for you- it’s Mars.

Hey, it’s Mars over here, look it’s lookin’ pretty queer, seer said you’ve been sippin’ on some electrolytes, plants love electrolytes, so sew your seeds now, look I found some seeds, those aren’t your seeds, no those aren’t what you need, you mean you haven’t got a thneed sir?  Really sir?  You’re sure?  You’re sure you’re sure, sir?  How can you be sure anymure?

They’ve gobbled up your gigabytes, kitty GIF’s and terabits,  they’ve typed and tapped through your backdoor your firewalls just had to go and your passcode’s don’t know you anymo, your fingertips are traceable, your voice, your face, all digital, memory stored forevermore, and knowing this- evermore fight it, live it, love it, be it.  It’s a fierce fatality walking alone, but a far better death than the road not your own.


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