Celebrity bad times, come on

There’s been a whisper about town,

Something about your sister

She’s been missing Mr. Munchkin

At their weekly dinner

He’s a rollin’ and a rumblin’

He keeps on singin’ when he’s down

Oh I don’t know old Mr. Finster

I’m just a trouble here in town

A menace to society, and economically turned around

I’ve rolling charges every month

And debt up to my knees

The luckiest dude you’ve ever seen

Drowning in the fees

When ATM’s spout lies instead of trees

The grass ain’t any greener

It’s some inbetweener’s tease

So the future looks much less clearer

Oh but give it to me please

In line all year, let’s get out of here

It hints up in the leaves

A Mother’s Nature

Tried and torn as her children shit and feed

Through every door, on every street

It comes like death comes for your first

We bathed in blood such licorice sons

Chasing only ever sheep wishing for a dream

We snored of course

Like a racing horse played by a machine

Spake rhythms like a man even to the sneeze

Byalystalked the little mums and pops

The mummers stood on threes

Bewitched with which whom just had snitched a stitch, who bitched about her baby boy

And moldy mommy mattered more

In kitchens that she hid a course

Through cigarette and booze she murmured out

A curse

Or two,

Which followed sons until they set like

Stepping stones settled in the dirt

Cemented under trodden thoughts

Such that diffuse the light

To make high gloss a duller shade

To lessen fuller life.


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