How to get your Shine on, an idiot’s guide to getting your shine on.

I am, every day, tearing myself away from every bit of my former selves that does not fit my shine. It’s forceful, like something from The Thing, a new form erupting out of unnecessary flesh and bone, only it’s fucking divine. People always talk about shine or light and for me that didn’t make any sense like seriously what are you hippies babbling about, and then there’s a moment and you look and you’ve found your light, literally I’m an actor and I’ve found my light onstage in a sea of dark and the shine is this twinkle in your eye or maybe it’s glitter or sequins or gold but it’s fantastic and you look and feel fantastic like a drag queen bathes in their own beauty, it’s euphoric and you don’t get out of that light because it gives you that shine, that glimmer and you don’t ever want to take it off again, so you chase it and become whatever crazy fucked up creature that will make you fast enough to follow it, big enough to take it all that light in forever freshly fleshed to keep that shimmer on your skin and your eyes alive. Break every limit- your’s, their’s and our’s, every standard, every norm, expectation or law that stands in your way, become whatever beautiful monstrosity you must, with four feet, four arms, three eyes, three mouths , double noses, double chins, with one goal, no fucks left to give, no shits, no cares, but the one light that gives you such a fine shine.

That’s what I do anyhow…
Thank you! I’m here all week!


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