Junk Food Boy

Sitting at the nicest Dunkin’ Donuts in the world

sippin cigs, smokin’ coffee in this safari

Far out pastry land

Sugar me, sugar me, sugar me whole wheat breaded fried chicken chickas strollin’ by

Latte late for work gotta make that sweet green piece oda pipe apple pie life

American Baked Alaska lookin’ fine as it fries

Red eyed clear eyes Bill Stein wants to win you big rich money right quick

Chef he swat at them fruit flies with big cinnamon sticks

Walking tall while he quiz you on Quiznos half submarine Salsalito sandwiches

“Which fish with chips comes on sizzling dishes”, “Which six inches comes with a drink”

In Eastwick, wicken women well known for they’re noses

Rub into molasses the toeses of blubber bros’s buts blown into hoses

Blasting Cooler Ranch Dorito style Corny Collins Corn Chip lifestyle of the rich and famous

Knock knock jokes you back against the wall, back against the wall, the wall against us all

There’s Mountain Dews in the Pews in every church every Sunday

Sponsored by Pepsi Coke, Pepsid AC, DC, coke and Coca Cola,

Big names branded brandies and shandies bottom top box tops with a view to kill infants

With road rage and robots pop and locking on poprocks boxing gawking cock blocks

My corresponding correspondents correspondence was despondent

Even Nicky Silver slivers for this looker over Pottomac Rivers lookin’ good when she shivers

Rouge blush my mind bombs hangs sadly like my donkey dong kong king her register

wit her debonair dragonair smiles where e’er she flash some titmouse moog salad mog dog

diggin’ on some stew brewin’ with your cash dandy with a catty did dad candy candidate

delivering butterfingered butterbeers to butterfly faeries and buttered up queers

At the Milky Way café

Coughing up dime bags to cabbage patch kids lookin’ interested in gettin’ in good wid him

The Ice Cream Man

Who rocket popped bubblegum drops in the eyes of Ninja Turtles, Hedgehogs, Sponge Bobs,

And Cheezy Wiz doodle bugle curdles.

Packin’ Miami heat buffalo bills double dips in the

“I can’t believe it’s not cool whipped margarine!”

Some tangerine dream of chewin’ magazines and usin’ vasaline on her lean cuisine liquid cleanse

scream queen scene awesome blossoming tacos filled chicorito chalupa chumps

on a hard sell soft shell station

flagulated 20/20 vision 24 hours ago

hey mam I just want to be the mayo

spreading pizza bites on my McCain Ellio’s

I’m a Junk food boy Yeah I love that junk food play

I’m a junk food boy and I want it my way.



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