Getting Linkedin

All these people asking me to linked in.

Like a prayer of automatic replies

Relic words pleading with me to linked in.

Only words pass,

tense abstractions

Kept us distracted,

Heads down

worshipping mirrors

Reflections past

Shimmering fears dulled in light of instantaneous satisfactions

We never took such misdirections

As anything more than mistakes

Not sinister predilections, or for-profit intentions

Or if it were, we’re certain it was solo transgressions

Single actors working alone backstage is

Sneaking into the night such secretive pages

What sentence that I must say, still at cups stay my tongue no longer?

What sayest thou in the hour of your darkest that lit that light in harkening night?

Dropping which witch with witch-hazel stitches snitches first

Hopping honey raw, hope you had a tame time

Living by rote, writing mysteries and crime

Maybe you heard it’s a heart to heart fine

Got to git it get it got it good, real good, so good,  Why, I

Said fy!, let’s break it down to brass tax and rhyme

Danced around the diva dude with loose attitudes too rude you’d have to croon baby oh who is this loon?

Something tells me let’s take everything that comes this way, let’s take everything in and lose control of our own clowns.

Let some lose change out and you’ve got yourself nickel and dimed,

I’m confusing my little hand with my lower left hand

My sixth middle finger with the lifts in my legs, I’m dressed to impress I’m here to engage

I’ve got four knuckles more than someone once claimed

I’m a pig wallop of a snarf snuggle


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