My Destiny Precedes Me

All my life people have told me
You March 

to the beat of a different drummer,

You’re interested 

in other things,

You’ve got 

something else to do-

Not this

Not that

Not me

Not us

Not here

Not now

Never a word to where 

Nor what nor why nor how,

No one knows where I’m going

They just know I am.

My destiny precedes me

While I trail behind

With a sea of no’s in my wake

And only a distant few yes’s 

to guide me down the road

I set forth with one foot, 

put another foot down

Right in front of the other

Like a tightrope walker

I let my feet carry me

As though a drunk,

Removed of his senses

On a steady path forward

Not knowing where

But certain

That I am

Homeward bound.


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