The Nonsense Experience: (Part 5) Pure Nonsense for Sale

I still can’t work it out in my head.

Hey, listen to the nonsense going on.

This is pure nonsense, straight from the source.

Nonsense in the flesh pouring here such liquided delights

Mouths gaping like the night

Puttered out such vicious illogic

Tried of fancies and noise

Whimsey litter, blank ideas

Bereft of sense or poise

Whiskey’d lips meet mine graces softly by the bar

Peering into the void

Whispers of babies laid to rest eyeing ennui

Gasping bravely girls and boys

Whizened elders grasping for self or soul in their minds

Their senses playing coy

I am the the the the the the the the the warm body of the stars forever away, in the heavens,

Exploding in your heart

The chaos of a doodle

The interference on The Screens

The doubt sewed when possessions lost, never stolen, never missing, just gone.

Get Gone, or get out.


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