Tomorrow’s gone gone Tomorrow

Room hummed, quiet pitch scream of electronics as they buzzed

The morning grew on itself like moss on pine, only off to one side

As night retreated and day slew it’s darkened skies by light

The early phase of waking creatures start to rise

By yawns and stretch, by calls or cups filled black with coffee

A little cream please.

The hours conspire and by prestidigitation seems a day, that was just here, gone tomorrow


Getting up into a yet another day, another arrival at reality

Opening the door and stepping through to find yourself arriving at a door.

And on and on you find yourself in a constant state of gone tomorrow.

Moments here and there of soft solitude, the room in view, the hour passed by minutes

The minutes passed by seconds, the seconds passed by moments

In full description, anatomical creations, molecular signatures of phasing matter

Made up mostly of here, now and observation, changed of course

Now gone tomorrow, we’ve all now gone tomorrow.

Gone tomorrow gone tomorrow gone tomorrow

And nothing is here now which is not gone tomorrow.


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