Who is the Boogie Woman? or America, a place you can never leave.

It was the 8th of June

and not everything was lost,

but much

out on parade,

a war machine called the people a riot

And dispersed-

We who wanted a government of us, for us, by us,

Let those bought into the system of establishment, credit, wealth

Declare what is best for the next generation, for generations to come without anyone else in mind

Dear Millenial, hear me, calling you, phone homing you, in longest night

How much darker into that evening must we wait for Dawn?

Why so softly now how we lay our brother’s down

When we rob them of their own doors

To the rooms where their children once laid

How we mow their city landscapes low to keep a decent yard a parking lot.

You’ll never be off the grid again

I could walk away by light of day

And wander thousands of miles

Never leaving America.

Never without their eyes

Awatch, awaiting, a drop in the pan of some server,

Not lost, very nearly lost, but not lost

Hello?  Hello in there?

Yeah, he’s there, just not very right now.


Just mostly dead.

The Woodsmen listen

Good luck storming the castle

You’d need a miracle.

Who is the Boogey Woman?


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