The Inferior Sex

What is a man?What is the measure of him?

How are we to understand our chromosomes 

Our genes, expressions of the physical

Thinking about questions 

In the theoretical senses

Metaphysical ingestions 

I’m mumbling a bit and smathering 

Masticating mimsy bits 

By titilating gigabits 

Terrabiting whole hard drives

Some little kids trolling about

seeking revenges for their collections

Of hyper connective 

tissues compacted light years next textbook of the ages 

Just seven sextillion pages 

What you need to understand is that we were just kids

With weapons

We all were

Waking up with a club in your hand, a blade in your pocket

Grew our nails long as another edge in an Arsenal 

Full battle array man, male, boy, being

Believe me, it takes some Imagination to imagine anything.  

But so then I’ll be only an imagining of myself

What was it that I imagined?
Oh! A question!
What is a man?

But distracted as I am

And tend so still I can

Wonder not at feminism for agree so so I do,

On many a thing that a man should rightly nought enact

And hopefully does not then confuse
Let me quit the bullshit a minute

What is a man?

No, really, what’s the point in being a man?

Anymore, I just see no reason why we should be kept around.

It’s not that I have low self esteem senior

I just hold my gender, as a group, in such low esteem.

Like what a wonderful thing it must be to be a woman

I feel like bags of stupid meat with singular functions

Beside a brilliantly complex organism capable of true biological and sexual miracles

And I squirt when touched. Built for strength and blood ready to spill

I’m a perfect little soldier ready to die for the Queen.

We dominated our better halves for millennia in fear you’d find out

That we are in fact the inferior.

I wish I was born a woman and I could connect with life and existence in all those beautiful wonderful ecstatic ways. People would give a shit about my feelings, and it’d be ok to talk about it, I still might feel ashamed of my body, but the future’s looking bright and that’s just my point. Ladies you’re gonna take over the world, and it’s going to be great and I just don’t see you needing males for anything. A thousand years hence you’ll all be female. Sure we provide greater genetic variation. But science is kind of getting there you know, and well I’m just saying thanks for keeping us around I suppose, it has been lovely, but I totally understand you not needing us anymore, like one of those “for the good of the species” kind of things. No hard feelings. Like once you ladies are finally on top, what’s the point in having a penis? Other than having something to play with. I’m just not a fan, like I enjoy it myself, and others have enjoyed it. But what’s the point. Am I really just here to entertain, to evolve, to serve?

I guess that’s not so bad 

That sounds pretty good actually

I just wish we were as cool as you ladies

Cause you really got it all

All I wanted was some superpower

Like giving birth

Or multiple orgasms

Or boobs

And butts

Yeah penises are cool but

vaginas are amazing!

Anything I can do you can do better

You can do anything better than me

And I applaud you for it

I’m proud

And excited for you

I’m just wondering why I’m here.

Does anyone here really need a penis? Tonight, right now if you need a dicked dude? Why do you need a dude?

Am I just here to love you?

Well isn’t that cool.

And I do.

But like is that it? Is that why I exist as a male?

 Why do you think men exist?

What role should men really play in society?

Is there anything that we can do that you can’t?

Other than the penis bit and dying in mass quantities doesn’t effect population growth.


One comment

  1. You make a good point, however, whos to say whether you’re male or female is based strictly on biological sex? Whos to say a woman cant have a penis, and a man a vagina?

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