Charlie Parker, Out of Nowhere

Charlie Parker, Out Of Nowhere

I’m sure I’d lost you, that heart in my feeling,

That moment only for those desperate few- spent alive

Upon a stage, staring, blinded by lights

Couldn’t even tell whose looking, if I looked them in the eye

I got lost in nothing else, but the search for meaning

For meaning more, or something else, anything

If I could just get up and mean somewhere,

I mean it, Meaning, I’m yours

Do you remember when we first met, I looked at you through a pair of false glasses

Resting atop my fake nose, and faux mustache.

“I mustache you a question.”

Like any statement ever meant, only then, I meant it

And I’ve been chasing it ever since,

So, Out of Nowhere, I’m yours

Just leaning into you.

I’m telling this to a room full of people

They’re my audience tonight,

Instead of you, but really, no, it is you, isn’t it?

I’ve got a funderful feeling that some wonderful thing will come true

You know I do, it’s all about that meaning feeling

That’s bringing some feeling meaningful to me

that’s got me caught up in this uptembo beating about you

It’s hearing that beat that you begin in to sing about them blues

That I’m so desperately being about these truths that I’m playing like lies

An inspiration starts in me a flame speaking instrument of God

Such spirits as keep me weeping the souls of forgotten hearts

I’m alive, it’s within me, and without me, and there ain’t nothing in the sky

Like the color of your smile, hair hidden eye, peeks around the morning sun

You’ll always be chopping the onions to make me cry

Can’t forget the way you let me in

So cool, so, so good, go on dear, I’m getting you in, and under my skin

The songs roll on and crash like waves upon a sea of ears and one comes to beckon me

I’ve been sitting out at sea, and never a mind ‘bout where I’m going

But all my thoughts turn Eastward bound, and sadder tides push me on t’wards a setting star

Bask me in the Western Sun, and roast me with the life I’ve cooked thus far.

I’ve looked about by sidelines and now I’m at the first game, and someone wants me in

Probably injury again, but here’s a chance to cut and run, but I ran here, and I ran to you.

I run West while I run East,

Tiger Fish swimmin’ upstream for love, Butterfly Fish floats downstream for freedom.

There is no greater trap than Love, nothing binds so sweetly,

I walk so effortlessly there, in that snare.

Like a cool night on the Waterfront,

Up in some cloud sublimely freezing, evaporating,

Chillin’ out, melting with you


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