Soldatious Defined

Soldatiousadjective (soul-day-shus)

Somewhere between audacious and bodacious beyond the confines of the alphabet in the late day lies the Sun a croceous color of Dashius’s Clay beard gifted to me in the flavor saved bits left to us from edacious activities facetious humors over a dinner table spaking gracious like the Angels went hellacious for a smile let the middle lips fall so the ends could rise so infacious that your daddy’s whisper to them kids to steer clear I’m bad news like the judicious use of foreplay when you’re not quite in the mood, I’ll rum tickle it out of you my kidacious academy develops fine girls and boys my loquacious tendencies arrive me late to the point I’m more meracious then you’ve seen of course it’s nutrageous like a looney toon outrageous yes I know I’m predacious I kill for sport such quotatious lines from Billy Shakes and Beckett to report I’m rapacious for love, fun, booties, boobies too and luck, with such salacious quips goes my trepidatious lips and tongue but you’ll find some umbrageous rest from my cool lines voracious though they are you’ll be wellicious by the end of this it’s xenolicious the taste buds tell of yodatious grammar usage he does so very well and quite Zenatious he is at peace with all the things, such is Soldatious for you inquiring minds to know.
Don’t get me a started on Hazel Ra, it’s just a bunny rabbit you know.

Some grass you eat and laze about the day taking in sunshiny fields you hop about and play, it is a song the wind sings for the long eary eyed hip and hoppers the kind you dance unto flippantly flirting flopper’d.
So hear me now you all the mellow minxes of your roses lend me ear drums to rhythm quick and think not about your poses for I Wink of the Eye has got a quibble quick about the snick and ruminating on your under belly I like to lay it on quite thick. This I leave you with a tippernillow for your time, a slippy little pillow of a rhyme, call it a riddle and I’ll finger fist you for a fine box of pockmarked cocks lady locked and moaning, have you been mother much been phoning? I dare say she’s lonely. Her children do not care for her unto me she keeps bemoaning, call your mom, call your mom, get out your phone right now and call your mom. We’ll wait…
Hi mom! I love you. Now hang up.

Good day to you sir, or madam, and goodnight, this my good dear friends did I come to set just right, and righted now as it seems to me. A triple wink goodnight.


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