My Idiot

My Idiot, Lost Sol, not really sure he’s been here before, but it looks real familiar, lookin’ like a true survivor. Not so certain about my voice anymore, Doc, we haven’t spoken in weeks.

What was that? In the back of you head, you- over there. Yeah, you-. Back of your head right now tell the class. What’s on the backburner, right now, no don’t turn up the heat, that one’s slow cookin’, just tell me what it is. Whatchu got when you got your stew on.

I flew through elevators to find me here and arrived on the same floor as the 33rd floor. Which didn’t surprise me. I’d been on the 33rd floor before, I think…

I like the spins, they’re like cat haired laymen lying in spinny chairs, spinning quickly, only I’m a nearly six footed human being standing on my feet. Are you a humanbeingkeeper? Got any human honey, Honey? Can you imagine a human being honey, lovesuckle I bitch tits to bait boys, white knuckle your fake noise to banditking your playmate toys, I robbin’ you rich to give blindness some credit, justice them blues, your poetry- tastes funny- I read it.

Golly wall you up some willies that will give you the woke up! Got outta bed, dragged a comb across my head, found my way downstairs and had cup, and looking up I noticed I was late Ha Ha ha ha Grabbed my coat and found my hat, made the bus in seconds flat, Made my way up stairs and somebody spoke and I went into a dream that you’ll never wake up from, ever. And everyone will think you’re in a coma, for the rest of your life, but you will live in the infinite wonder of your sleeping mind until you sleep no more.

That’s really bleak doc, I mean how long do I got left to live?

Probably 2, maybe 3 more minutes

And then?

And then. Bob, do you really want to know right now?

Just give it to me straight doc, how bad is it going to be.

It’s really bad, and I definitely recommend not hearing about it, especially as it’s your few moments alive and you have elected not to take painkillers.

I need to know what I’m up against.

Well your whole body is going to swell up like a balloon, which will be mind numbingly painful, like the girl in Willy Wonka, but in reality, it’s just your skin, as the o2 in your blood starts to fill the gaps between your flesh and your innards, you’ll live long enough to asphyxiate, and meanwhile the pressure crushes the bones in your body, and the shock from your body popping with jolt you alive for a few brief agonizing moments more of soulless existence. Whatever is left is at most, charred to ash, but usually just edible.

I can handle it.

This isn’t some terrible knock off 80’s movie style science fiction fantasy film in which pop culture references and happy endings run amuck and we beat your terrible illness in the last few seconds of your life, winning the game and saving the community Center and then we all jump in the air at the end in a freeze frame as the credits roll. It’s not gonna happen.

Not unless we “MONTAGE!”




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