TV Show/Play Idea: “Proto” the Megaman Origin Story

Well I have been toying with the idea of doing a megaman play, legend of Zelda or some other video game character. It would speak to something greater than just the gaming culture, obviously. Actually I thought of a Megaman TV show, that would start actually as a prequel, following ProtoMan, who obviously came first, look at his name. Developed as a super soldier, along with ProtoWoman, by Dr. Light and Dr. Wily. They aren’t fully robots, they are part man (and woman) and part machine, fused pre-natally, or maybe at birth, they hone their skills and fight on the front lines of World War 3. During one battle however Proto Woman is shot down by a robot, despite the three laws of robotics that is programmed to it’s core. Protoman destroys the robot and keeps Protowoman’s scarf as a keepsake as well as her whistle which he downloaded to his memory. From what can be determined from the robots remains it is discovered that it’s programming was not in fact tampered with. It merely ignored it’s own programming. This is kept a secret from the public to avoid panic. The Robot was known as Bomb Man, a demolitions robot used in the battle. It was of a new breed of robot designed to fulfill similar complex tasks, bomb man, could literally produce bombs on the battle field and wield them with deadly precision long range and withstand magnificent blasts in the short range. Due to the three rules of robotics however it was used in a demolitions capacity, demolishing bridges and structures, as well as being a an anti-aircraft tank. The primary difference between Protoman and the new generation of robots like Bomb Man, was that Protoman and Protowoman had free will and Bomb Man and his peers responded only according to their programming, until the battle of the Bomb Man. The malfunction is later named the Sigma Virus, despite the lack of any virus found in the robot’s programming. Many scientists begin to speculate about the existence of a Ghost in the Machine. Later it is discovered that via universal internet, robots have begun to commune with one another unbeknownst to humankind. When Protoman gets wind of this he confides in Dr. Wily, who begins conducting research on this in secret. Meanwhile Dr. Light’s son, Rock, has a terrible accident in the shop wherein he loses his hand. He is outfitted with a bionic hand using technology from the Proto Project, allowing him to alter it’s shape based on what tool he needs, provided he has the program downloaded. World War 3 continues to rage on until the appearance of 6 evil robots, Gutsman, Cutman, Elec Man, Heat Man, Ice Man, and a fully reconstructed Bomb Man. The 6 decimate every army that goes up against them, impervious to most modern weaponry including bullets, artillery and airstrikes. The UN has an emergency meeting to discuss the war and includes Dr. Light as a robotics expert. Almost unanimously the UN agrees to drop as many nukes as possible, despite warnings from the scientific community of catastrophic outcomes, particularly global nuclear holocaust. Dr. Light offers a different approach, and reveals The Mega Project, Rock is brought in to demonstrate, as the technology was intended for ProtoMan, now AWOL, Rock has enough of the technology assimilated with his biology to perform before the UN. The UN agrees to green light the project however, upon returning to Dr. Light’s lab, Dr. Light and Rock find the place ransacked and in flames. The project now in shambles. Dr. Light reveals, some experimental works of the Mega project he had been working on at home, enough to outfit one super soldier. Dr. Light outfits Rock, renamed Mega Man, and asks him to find Proto Man and give him the Buster, an energy based gun with the potential to take down any robot no matter how big and regardless of defenses. “If it uses electricity, you can destroy it.” The last place Protoman was seen was at The Battle of Bomb Man, where while picking up clues on the trail, Mega is faced with Bomb Man himself, despite not having Proto Man’s shield to absorb the blasts, the buster was able to penetrate Bomb Man’s shields, and incapacitated the robot long enough to steal it’s bomb program and it’s memories of Proto Man. Mega continues his search, destroying each of the six robots until at last he finds his way to a fortress which later he discovers to be the property of Dr. Wily. Wily explains he found a way to circumvent the 3 laws of robotics and altered the robots in order to stop World War 3, arguing that humanity would join arms against a perceived greater threat despite their differences. Wily however was surprised to find that Rock was not only the one to destroy them (and not Protoman) but capable at all. Wily congratulates Mega, but refuses to be taken back as it might reignite the war, Mega disagrees but Wily flees regardless, stating that “another war is coming, and humanity must be adequately prepared.”

Season one would be about Proto Man and Woman

12 episodes

Pilot: The Proto Project, initially designed to create a new breed of human, blending technology with biology, gets turned down for funding, until a representative from the Pentagon puts forward some ideas for changes to the program. Dr. Light is hesitant but Wily pushes, arguing that this could save lives, they’d win a Pulitzer, and they’d still accomplish what they set out to do. The two men use their own two children as Proto types, Dr. Light’s son, code named: Proto Man and Dr. Wily’s Daughter: Proto Woman.


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