I wanna be in a Hollywood Western Mama, I wanna reach for the skies

While the bullets fly right through, time traveling bullets

that pierce through the wall behind me

Before they were shot

Do you ever cry out at night in alarm that the world is just going to suddenly melt all over and around you like a fondu and you get tastily absorbed into the cheese as it melts you into a pitch black oblivion that you serve in one of your famous spreads?

No I never did that, I washed my face with an elephant once, I gave it an ass scrubbing

Don’t taste like no elephant though, I put it in my mouth, I grabbed it with my nose

It must be really hard for an elephant to not be a nose picker.

Do anteaters get ants in their nose and have to eat boogered ants out their nose?

I heard that boogers help prevent plaque, that’s a dentist’s favorite joke.

Shouldn’t the Hamburgler just be burgling hams?

Does Jack Frost jack frost?

Jack Frost frosts jack in LA, in MA Jack Frost frosts me mate Jack O’Malley


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