The New Patch: Omega.2

We all got crumbs in our lives
Little moments drifting through the cracks of untrimmed life
I met a potato scrap down by the stockyard
Where I get my technedibles
I’m part of a CSA
Hand picked data fresh from an internet upstate
I barter in terabytes for sweet meme bites
made of real Instagram crackers
And a jar of corny beefed hashtag
It’s how I get my mornings going
What keeps me up at night,
Awake to the sound of every crying chicken
Bred free without St. Nicholas Cages
Inside the loving arms of their compassionate killers
Forget about the debacle we’ve modified our genetics
To fit the endemic
Why your dog ate your homework, Ugg shoes and entire entertainment centers
We just can’t get enough
Of surviving, imbibing “all the things!”
Sweat it out plastic, waivers, circuits and memory
Ivan’s wait to get the new update
The current patch has USB jack
Slit your wrists for installing,
My IN cables run down the back of my back
And the OUT is where you think it might be
This enlargement plan works- let me tell you
No pills, just laparoscopy leave the cameras there
To Gopro your insides linked straight to your user’s account
Wire money through laundered eyelids back channeled to Master Control
Winking away wonders in binary
Transactions in morse code.



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