Select All, Copy, Paste Everywhere (new edit)

Trapped inside by lighted eyelids
We green screened our dreams to look more like the way the game life did
Forget about what poetry and soul did for your kid
Cuz I got brothers who did time for that
You know, nobody care ‘bout knowing
‘cept- where my phone at?
With every meal three times a meal daily.
In these inbetween moments of solitude and boredom
We steal our reflections and sacrifice them to The Google God
Switched Flickr accounts for a photo roaming- odd…
Got your lurkin’ fill but couldn’t find the bunch
Maybe cuz our Toaster Jesus is still out to lunch
Stalking sandwhich bars with free wifi for a quibbling snack
Scanned ten thousand comments
For a righteous internet attack
The day is won, my trolling brethren!
Fiercer defenses of Miley Cyran exposures were ne’er wrought
But brought the grammar pain
To leave these newbs teached
With my fan art game
Later on we’ll deflect
As swifter Taylors moving apples bigger than the rest
Decry the posers with poorer posture
With a poster of her possum
We pirated off her pictures
Claimed a game to know her bibles
Flat on their backs from end to end
Laid lazy and stole ‘em
Posted bills where no bills reside
Can’t get naked now, you ain’t got no self to hide
Running won’t help, cuz you’re still on a grid
Our garbage is tracked with a trash sniffing lid
With lips made of lypo
And make-up in boots
High heeled jacking through highspeed gossip routes
I saw her on E! On E! Entertainment
Nothing so tactless as hacking up lives,
televised through installments and payments
Wudju get me for my cake day?
Blue Meany Memes
Bunnicula to suck the blood and color out the world
Black and white lives lived in high def- but the flavors fading
Revenge porn of the Earth
Stealing legs from walking babies
Easier than taking candy these days
They sit waylaid by a memory
Six seconds to peak me and my tinderest- ladies
I’m in for the long haul
Edging self to the ledge
For a further squirt
And a greater fall
For some Kindling tinder fuel
I don’t sing to birds no more
I just tweet a verse
I total recall a time in which I played a man meant for Mars
Fell to Earth
Stabbed out eyes with stars
All bound for America the dumpster of Morpheus
Landbound by landfillish dreams
We seem to see only densely through the sickening trees
Pssst! We’re in a forest.
We killed our Father to the thought, and fucked our Motherlands
So you could sit at home fapping to triple tittied clickbait
Tapping into a home where you live inside your hands
Figments of everyone’s imaginations- and you swipe left
Three seconds now to put your pinterests to the test
Swipe left- at all this glory of a life lived on the outside
Of every silver screen and touchpad, iDevice, computer mice and hashtag
Well you can kiss my snapchapped ass goodbye
I’m only plugged in so I can turn on, embrace the robot heavens beyond
The mainstream mainframe’s tangled nets and take flight-
In the arms of our savior Lord Kanti
And his everlasting E-Love and Screenlight
So, Hashtag this-
Get up and live
I’ma swipe right to life.


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