Bully Pulpit Time with Whitey or Dreameaters always Hungry

Broke down hummer bunny
Seeks late in life sunset for a snuggle buddy
Got down on Boytown with a fuddy duddy
Roamed around lot with my honey
bear jar long lookin’ for somethin’ funny
Hose me on, clown, think of one thing awful
Kind of spilled beans to charge on my naked falafel
Wished you were in June bug tunes
So I could catch a breath to breathe a thune
Jungle monkeyed in le cat’s corner
Jack Horner eyed the kid and let his dance swarm her
Nothing left on the pavement but asphalt excuses
Reasons why streets are clean in ruby shades
Colored like the white folk all sanguinary
Blood sucking mummers humming on their nurserary’s
Rhyming quid pro quo’s with thneeds in tow
Pinky toe treading heading below the waters
Shoot ’em up gangnam style them’s they got holies
Where there hearts and faces was is and goes gone
None left to know much
Cleans up nice in a suit and tie, broken arm a service man
To make him cry
In the back allies the whitey’s tell him
Get your ass back there or cuz the stakes are high
You fuck this one up and you’re out of lives
So old Joe puts a smile on and about face
Keeps the humble smirk up without a trace
That the institutions dying
While the fat fuckers race rats
Fight dogs and cheat cats
Nine living down by the pier
Just to drown scapegoat space scat
News in the news ’bout how the news ain’t lyin’
Paid him off good just for damn tryin’
Lions in town chews on they claws, give mince to mice
In fear for their paws
But none eat so well as the dream eaters these days
They cut off all heads and make the loins pay
Triple in steal while they sup off your flowers
Sucking in hopes through they straws
Cuz they’ve got the green power
Black powder fights all light up in smoke
And nobody thinks “what’s up whitey’s old cloak?”
The devil is due and you’ve missed the last payment
Your child of course has a future with saving
Lucky for you it’s a future in paving
Cementing the forests and chopping up trees
Extinguishing oxygen and burning the leaves
Cutting up copper in a factory position
Til he lobs off his hand with mechanical precision
Too bad the insurance is out to lunch
He could have been paid
But form 91D2 wasn’t properly displayed
His license misspelled to make him seem a person
Probably illegal his papers thrown out
Inadmissable lawyers thinktank and blow hot air out
So you’re huffing some fumes and unable to work
The license plates make letters and numbers to jerk
The pain away while heist goes as unplanned
And behind bars you’ve been waiting just to get in the can
A hot meal and hot sex with their crude motor oil
In between bursts of chewing you out you get a nice cot
So the dreams won’t come out
You’ve got nothing to hide as long as you’re hungry
Overspent overtired unpaid and unhealthy you collapse in your noose for better wages with the deathly
And all this because some bum and his thumbs have been ruining pies from the start til it ends because little fat whitey is a brat with no friends


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