I, Haven

I Haven

I haven’t been so long in here

You know?

I like, got likelike you know?

Anyway I guess he’s got likelike too

So I guess I won’t bet him no mo’

For pixie sticks and Skechers, it’s an “S” thing

I’d trade him only for the bells themselves of Heaven

Trade him for no more but blue days’ cloudink written skies

I’d give up every yellow dandelion in mother’s garden

All the wine dandy lying in the shade

I’d give it for only leafy eyes in the dawn windy in the undergrew

My Iron John, Bull Punyan through the trees, spoke with beast and courted trees, with foot and hand

and mouth, apple, tasted sweet, sour, rind, juice and seed

Everybody’s into poetry

This is for the Man I’d leave for me

Hands reaching around me like an axe

Swing me ‘round, swing me round

Merry go all the way home

This is the smile I’d leave on me

These are the Eyes I’d see in me


I guess that honkey tonk girls

Do Sing the blues,

On Sunday evening lady

You’d be cooin’ too

I locked the door for Richard III, but still they got in

Arturro, this is for you, he said afore launching him,

Self Into the arms of a hellacious host, “how so nefarious”

Some imps would joke, ( some imps they are, but most imps don’t)

Like, at all

Hey Sadie, can you sing me them Watertown blues?

The Youtube Boob report is over

We’re now returned to our regular broadcasting Cereal

Street Thins for your Jiffy lube, Peanut Butter Tiny Tune in right now,


Like, at all

They crawl around your corners, they only give a bug bite

All they want to say?   Grace, and good night!

Boba Fett Jetted to the moon every evening for an EarthSeeingHigh,

It’s the best Peep joint in the Universe for People Peeping

Check . It.   OUT!


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