Caguama Arturo , the Big Turtle Hero of my Life


Met a man today on a mission to show Miley Cyrus his Declaration. Of Independence by John Hancock in England in 1782.
Must’ve been a cool party, the first constitutional convention,
Benny Franks savin’ the day with a city of brotherly love, man
You know?
Totally hip dudes in powdered wigs, isn’t that crazy man?
They wear other people’s hair, and then powder someone else’s hair, or get someone else’s hair powdered at the powderer’s
Then it was someone else’s braids or someone else’s mullet
Now it’s all synthetic, or you give your hair to sick people
The sick who sold you theirs for alms
Crazy right? And off to war
Never locks for Love for those Army Brats
Yah Bra?
Lights star on and a fan speeds away
Round and round as the years pass by
And whoops, it’s another adventure into Boytown
Gimme a hat and a trick knee
Give a JP licks ice cream
Don’t scream or I’ll scream.
Don’t you polliwog and pound me
Caky finger tips and frost-TING!
And the bell goes wild, here they go, two siblings caught in mainstreamed two hoarse horses you can’t switch in midstream

I just can’t take it anymore
Beaver’s day-
I’m all right , don’t nobody think about me
Helpers day, street walking emporium for all your at home walking needs
Oh honey I think we should get that?
What’s that? The phone?
No honey, on the commercial, the commercial honey,
I’ll put it on the list.
Put what on the list?
Yes what?
You said honey.
You want honey?
You want honey?
What do I want?
Ok, honey, I’ll put it on the list,
No, honey,
What no honey? You just said you want honey.
No honey,
We have no honey? Am I an authority on how much honey we have?
No, I don’t know if we have any more honey.
Honey, would you check?
For honey?
What for?
Well why would I get more honey, if we had honey.
Do you have any money honey?
Will you drop it about the money, if my old lady wants honey you can bet your sweet honey ass I’m gonna get my honeybunny honey.
Will you stop it? The neighbors will hear. Oh Harold,
Oh Harriett.
Even after all these years,
We still got it.
What? From the infomercial?
No, on the commercial, the commercial Honey.


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