I never know what is real but what is fantasy

I was walking down the street the other day and this other guy goes and looks the other way while another passerby passes by on giving a damn. People on the street walk by and wonder why into the sky, don’t ask questions of another man, with another plan to wipe all our asses with perfume, toxic lashes lie under our eyelids, bat out the world that’s away, as far as Tomorrow, that’s as near as today.

Our lips spoke, offered no aid, but truths from fools mouths, lies from the kings of our time. Playing an old game, betting the same way, ante up big, BIG and BIGGER! No one thinks how I like, I think I’ll make them think thinner, bone thin, nothing but twigs and bone and flesh on flesh and bone.

None come ‘round no more, none came home, around here there’s empty spaces where the faces once lived, the screens came, they wanted our lives, they harvested our dreams. And some became pretty plastic flowers, and some robotic trees, swinging in the breeze. But some became batteries, some became fiber-optic cable through which the screens feed. Some died lonely lives: U2glued to your clever ruse boobtubes.

Newbs who deserved to die in a system of natural progression. When the medicine came, all the babies that wouldn’t make it were saved from the fire of natural selection. We’ve baptized our assholes, bleached ourselves in the never ending appeasement of the illusionists, disillusionment is a difficult thing to go through, to suddenly know, in a way, without wonder, about the unknown.

Put down your book of antiquity, face up to your justice, to the face of your humanity, and if you don’t agree with me, we can have a splendid talk over tea for two, it’s half-off after 2 in the afternoon, just me and you, we’ll have a few crumpets and we’ll lump it all together, the problems that is, and save it for leftovers in the morning that you never eat anymore, now the compost is knocking on our door, and he wants his dish back from last weekend, you know the one that’s like fine China, we owe it to him anyhow, I know it’s my mother’s but we broke his antique one and mine looks just like it, I know it’s from Target, just don’t say anything.  Don’t say anything at all.

You won’t fix this in a lifetime, unless you dedicate your lifetime to fixing this. Too much earwax, how do people cope with this much crap in their ears? Well I’ve listened to plenty of pop music and bubble gum always tastes sweet and new the first bit of chewing but in the end it all tastes the same- like old gum. And old gum always tastes the same. No matter where you find it. Underneath each shoe, classroom desk and church pew lies the same old wad left chewed.

Don’t forget your ABC’s kids, don’t forget your 123’s don’t forget your time tables, your punch cards or ID. Forget about the globe, the book, this is multiple choice, I ask the questions around here, so nobody better ask me one, or it’ll go on your permanent record, forever. The FBI keeps them, in a hidden safe on the 6th floor of the Pentagon where they only let Oompa Loompas in or Security clearance 5 individuals as they’re natively called.


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