“Run away with me” she said “to the grassy green.”

Standing tall atop a tiny hill, my lady in full bloom, a wild flower in the meadow. Where a rock proudly sits we sit and watch what the season has become. Together, with newborn eyes we drink in the day’s rays, the world ‘round us wants nothing but each other. Butterflies balancing upon petals, intoxicated by the stares of stamens, sucking up every sweetness with proboscis straws. Grasshoppers and crickets play on their leggy violins the sweet back country rhythms to which the sparrows chirp along, whilst the nightingales croon their haunting songs. Clouds and leaves lie suspended in the open air, gilded in the Summer Sun they float on by in their slow dance- wave. We danced too, for days, beneath the starry, starry…

Skies weighed heavy above head, you couldn’t breathe but gasp ‘fore life. Wonderment graced our very eyes in every moment and stared off blindly into ourselves. We dipped- toes- coolly, into the deep, tested ourselves against a sea of troubles. Undulating with each and every wave, we tossed ourselves overboard and came up crying from the fear and the panic that the awe inspired- We were too small to pick up the pieces of the world we’d left behind, too great our hands, to catch each speck of sand that made each of what you are- I am. We let it drift away softly through our fingers in the tide, we watched as we were carried out to sea, into the blue and forever drowning in lonely endeavors, wishing for a wind to catch our sail and blow us back- to we.
I was not now, nor had ever been so- close, so- dear.

Casting off, I, back ‘nto the yonder, wandering I, wondering- with letters clasped and kissed to seal, and nary a soul to lend me greater wings to freak fly where e’er I fly free than thee. I am no more moored upon this tiny island, methinks am I, for tis a titan! A titanic tortoise, upon which I make my roost, and from my crow’s nest spy I, each new waking lands, as greeting visions do. I was some guy upon the greys but with rapport upon yon port o’ yours I find mine eyes find hues in e’ery color, in e’ery creeping corner my eyes report with you.


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