Fire Fly

There is no right, no wrong
Only her
White clouds in truth turn grey to black
Bring on her rains that I soak up
Like sun
Only brings out her colors in the ray
She’s a rainbow
Oh I’m missing the words, missing the words
It was- it was
A thimble
Left on the table
Her needle in my hand
That sewed me up
Put my shadow on
Wore it like a champ
“Fuck yeah, I’m a devil- worship it”
On bended knees tongues propose
Consummations to our sexes
Challenge our elbows to fit into right angles on starry eyed beds
Wasn’t there more to be said?
We lifted our eyes and spooned out the souls instead
Licked it from our lips and wanted more
We’re out for blood
Can’t cry about it
Not to the moon
She ain’t out tonight
Only stars
And lightning-
Flashing before our eyes
We felt small against the winds
Against the hands of time
Big in little
Wrapping around and around
Seconds tick, tick, Boom!
She’s gone.

I’m flying o’er land
The next gig, the next show, the next dollar- bill to pay the next day.
Glimmer buildings underneath
Trembling with the weight and air of every star
As our eyes from miles unknowing meet
But tears evaporate in heaven
And no one drinks a drop
I’m much too lonely to ever wait and stop.

Tonight no head upon the bed
I cannot stop to sleep
For in my mind the eyes haunting lover’s sleep
I dream, I dream, I dream.

But lo a wishing star bursts upon the scene and I wish and wish and wish to make and live her dream


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