Threading Hearts

She wears the color in her eyes, Unimaginable,
the label on Crayola reads,
a halo about a vision,
the useful field
projects a path to lead,
through bush and thick,
down rocks
to the Slumberland of Sunning Spots where we shall knit our thrallish Thneed.
A bed of noses buried deep,
near ears,
a breath to breathe me in the life
Of meadows- golden,
in the ray,
a drop of Summer
Lay me down,
meeting pearly gates
with ruby trim
crimson licks await,
lash me on the jellies
out our eyes
see me clearly now
through window panes
soul’s searching skies
The windows lock and dot the “i’s”
and no one laughs
but smiles up the walking aisles
All the while with
asking stares and knowing sighs
A lady like, so like a love
Coos so softly, a little dove
Murmurs sweetly through pursing lips
“Priorities” when saving beers like little kids
Among the crash of waves
What a woman ought
To be, or not to be
Is good, question and answer
In her replies, whiles away
The styles in flashy kicks
And kickass frames
She only plays the video love-
Kills me, radio star
Games and riddles in the dark
To quiet names within the park
A Peach I plucked-

I found myself upon a beach
And reached into the tide
To find myself a shell
Upon’t Woman sitting
Offer ribbons true
Dressing for the occasion
All cutoff blue jean baby
On bottoms on bikes
She looked at me from beyond the waves
And swam away
And I swam away
From the beach that saved my life, and into the blue, yonder, deep, vast and wide
And drowned in a bit of loveliness that laughed me until at last I cried.


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