User Loser

I find myself in a pit of instagrams and facebooking pleasantries
I get my goodies from a gaggle of gadgets
I got a digitalectomy at the age of five
And I been hooked up to the grid ever since
These days I’m just a chain gang away from getting googled for my Gidget porn
I’ll catch 42 you in a rule 34 duel to the death over the hills of 4chan and redtubes don’t cut my blue wires, Jeeves, just ask me a question misphrased in anyway and I’ll restate the question- which way is Norway? No way to know if you don’t got triangulation on your location status- @ me? I’m in me!  Like a hi-fi wi-fi, lo-fi, whoops!  Too slow-fi can’t get this dial-up done right, some re-writeables wandered in and rewrote the sacred tombs of history, controls for the past control like the present just set a control for the future compare longside your variable user. I’d use those variables. But bitcoins bit Poins and laid tracks down your mother’s bored mainframe, I admit she was quite plain but the Jane 2000 2.0 really brings greater definition to your livestreams, faster, better, stronger bandwidths which take hits for you while your shields are down. I’m sucked into this vortex with tweets, vines, snapchatting, texts, I can’t find the time to find my life again- I’ve done all the searches from Lycos to Alta Vista, I found the last page of Google, ten thousand clicks beyond the “e”, in an Easter Egg on Runescape I unlocked the secret of life, but the user left us long ago, I’m just a buzz now, a spark, a hum, a blip. Some worthless bit of data running light years around Paperboy tossing old news into broken windows for their broken dreams.  I scaled the mountains of Wikipedia, blew terabytes with spammers and The Prince of Nigeria, I supped on live IP addresses with NSA spy teams. I met Anonymous irl but TIL nothing about me. I’m a technophilic life-o-phobe with bits for gigs and no one streams me anymore, they moved on to too much and much more, I’ve got wishes for my programs but abandonware beware I find treasures in my nightmares. I’m losing my user to a lightscreen and I won’t – think – he’ll find me- trapped in here in his Myspace…


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