Rope Caught Foot tooF thguaC epoR

And at a single hint, ,tnih elgnis a ta dnA

A touch, a wisp psiw a ,hcuot A

I whisk myself away again niaga yawa flesym ksihw I

into my never land dnal reven ym otni

Never again shall I be caught by love evol yb thguac eb I llahs niaga reveN

No never again shall I open up my door rood ym pu nepo I llahs niaga reven oN

No, no never again shall I fall, ,llaf I llahs niaga reven on ,oN

and fall llaf dna

and fall. .llaf dna

No, not ever again..niaga reve ton ,oN

It’s time I think I disappear raeppasid I kniht I emit s’tI

and none may think me strange egnarts em kniht yam enon dna

but remember it ti rebmemer tub

I had more love than most tsom naht evol erom dah I

Only I distort the players from their play yalp rieht morf sreyalp eht trotsid I ylnO

I meld them to mind dnim ot meht dlem I

A jedi’s trick is meant to last tsal ot tnaem si kcirt s’idej A

Crying buckets in the corner renroc eht ni stekcub gniyrC

I washed the kitchen floor with tears sraet htiw roolf nehctik eht dehsaw I

Could not ask for guests stseug rof ksa ton dluoC

I escaped with the dumb waiter retiaw bmud eht htiw depacse I

And waited for days syad rof detiaw dnA

Off in my lovely hovenly hovel levoh ylnevoh ylevol ym ni ffO

I break my back for bread daerb rof kcab ym kaerb I

My spirit- -tirips yM

Yeah haeY

He kiss ssik eH

Letting me be eb em gnitteL

I hang on your every word drow yreve ruoy no gnah I

Mine- only garbage egabrag ylno -eniM

Let me be your spring and Summer dance ecnad remmuS dna gnirps ruoy eb em teL

Oh! how I hang… …gnah I woh !hO


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