Never Miss, Ever Miss

I’ve never missed anyone like this

I’ve never missed anyone like this at all

Anyone at all.

You were here, then,


Nothing at all filled the emptiness

Only something, only one thing

made sense of song.


I echo out into that loneliness,

that isn’t loneliness at all

Isn’t a darkness of some space

‘cause it, ain’t a some place at all


Credits rolling

and I look for your name

on every line,

“hold a minute”

– what I tell my son

As I fish in a sea of names

for only one fish names me

The Golden Fish, that saved me


“The Seaweed is always greener

in somebody else’s lake

You dream about going up there

but that is a big mistake

Just look at the world around you

right here on the ocean floor

such wonderful things surround you

what more is you looking for?”


Under the sea she found me

floating below the waving crests

Caressed a sleeping soul to rest

and reminded me of morning


So carried him off to bed

yon sleeping child

oh glory

and carry me off,

the slumbering cliffs

to dream new life and dead

I nary came to guts and glory oh, I

merely came to


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