ABP Blues

Adrienne says I make too many apologies,
I thought I stopped saying sorry
I guess I was wrong
Sorry about that

No chips and cheese left for my beer
Better drink it down nightly

It’s a bath in here,
better splish splash
Against the tile wall
Not much but soap scum

The lights turn on
I’m not much for loneliness
I’m just a Loner, doti, a rebel

I think I got a confidence in
I mean a confidant in confidential files and papers
Only I’ve got access to it all

You actors,
Better scheme
No fair heart in truthing
Always a summer bug
Die, apart…

I must be ashamed of myself
For I cannot speak two truths to myself
It’s all of the brand that I know like would hit me
Fixing away,

2:01am- dog barks


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