Reloading Sanity Workouts into my Brain Function (Part 2)

I never read Cannery Row, but I hear it’s about playing kick the can, or some guy does, maybe it’s in a cannery or something, like I said, never read it.  But it all takes place on this one street, called, you got it “Cannery Road” my favorite ice cream flavor, Rocky was too much for me, Bullwinkles give me cramps anyway, and anyway, not anyways but anyway, so anyway, there I am, with a Mother Moog playing jazz Bass, and skippy-da-rink the Golden Goose, right there, that’s what I’m talking about, some god damned, Moose Tracks Ice cream right there in the middle of the woods, cryin’ my eyes out to the tune of “Jenny’s Got a Gun” sitting a stump muttering to myself “this is so good” with melted spoony goodfuls vanilla, peanut butter poop cups and chocolatey velvety ribbons, see there’s that ribbon again, end of the story, that’s what you think, right?  I know- but it’s not.  Get it?  So there I was on the end of the stage peering over,  and asked myself “are we gonna do this?”  And you know what I said back “Yea, we fuckin’ am” and then I pulled the spider-man mask over my face, and robbed Zack’s grandmother of any valuables, namely her virginity if you know what I mean…  Up top!


People have been saying some very funny things lately.  Yo tambien?  Funny, funny things.  Things that like, you know, funny, you know funny, yeah, those kind.


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