A run run Farmer in the Dell (Part 711)

And when my heart rings out and it isn’t true, I thought I had, but hadn’t really thought.  Beat, beat.  Don’t know what to do.  The pacing feeling, walking to and fro within my chambered chest, Lonely thought I was being dramatic, zealous, greedy, jealous.  I want it all, so I spit, spit, spit.  No ain’t never like that, no never like that, don’t know no mind, no, don’t mind me I’m just talking to myself.  Oh, I wish I were an Oscar-Meyer wiener.  Everyone loves a hotdog, even the vegans, they make them out of tofu.  I’m terribly upset now, don’t you know, can’t you see it in my eye when I pull them down like this, and away, I’m sneaking ‘round the back and I ain’t never coming back, ain’t never coming back.  Oh it’s too much, too much to bear.  I think I’d just rather die.  Or love another.  Yes, I’m certain, I’d rather explode, or be happy… There isn’t any middle ground.  I think I’d rather put a bullet in my brain or die laughing.  I guess in that particular case I could do both.  I hope I’d go with a smile.  You know, just out and about my day, soaking it all up, taking in the rays, and damn didn’t she look good in that dress- she always does though, doesn’t she?  Yes, so many loves, I’m about to burst- POP!


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