Good Morning Blind Writing Gibberish

I was teetering

on the edge

of a

whole planet

I had lost all


and was about to

simply fall off


In the east

quiet and and

lonely as hell



There was simply

nothing scarier than


ain’t no job one was see me


Like that ever

I’ll again get off

I reckon

strong stranger

look out

don’t chu never

take my gun out my

cold dead hands

old packer was right


look at him laying

all peaceful like

when did he leave that





Closed her eyes

and lift up the morning

dew with her eyes

raised her right hand


I and

he killed

so help me god


There’s only so far a

man can run in on

or two so for


you’ve been outnumbered

I can run

before, but who is that?


I Patton son

that time I knew

I couldn’t run

So I ran for



And he ran better

than all the Kenyans


Well you prove it?

Can you prove it?

It’s just

___________ a memory?


Remember your first love?

Stabbing in the

dark a  ory from my



Murder was never easy


Then what

what happened to the

other one?


She’s a cutie though,


Yea sure

I’ma tear this place apart


And you’re gonna

help me

Lifts up his eyebrow

pulls back his tear


ready to scalp


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