Run God

God spoke to me today

Out there in the no where’s of Middle America,

God spoke to me today

Right there- smack dab, in the middle of Iowa.

God spoke, to me, today.


God spoke to me, through the wind in the leaves

Chirping, cooing, mating calls throughout the evening air

God spoke to me, by way of ants crawling through the dirt

Pick-up trucks rustling up the dust, to be taken, like me- on high

Danced with- in the Sun, like so many clouds, glittering in her brilliance.


God spoke to me, God said so many words

God said “Yes!”

God said “Live.”

God said “Flourish!”

God said “Smile.”

God said “Grow.  Grow, and be a better man, for I made you to grow.  Like all you see before you- grow”

And God sent down a letter, a message written in the skies

“Love, Love”


And quickening my pace to chase the rainbow,

why I,

felt the sensation burning,

in my legs, in my arms,

my heart, my eyes-

tears flowed freely

out my streaming eyes,

I’d been dreaming and

would wake again no more, I was up now,

there was this feeling

having born again, anew.

There was one thing- solely

I knew that I could do

To catch yonder rainbow

Ever bidding me adieu

On and on I ran

Forever and ever

God’s workout master plan.


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