I don’t need Coffee, I don’t need Tea, I just need you, waking, next to me

I taste you, my Diana

in the early mists of the morning light
when newborn eyes have not yet stirred
I drink you in- skin to skin
as though I were a toad
and you- my pond
bodies clasped in heavenly arrangement
I can do no more than stare
for in my nose, aligned the molecules
of your each and every star
whose sweet visions
grant me
Daedalus’ wings
so that I may be young and soar
-and melt-
in your arms.
Oh, my Sky!
How I have fallen into your vast warmth
your welcoming ocean
tis but what keeps me afloat
“the water sustains me without even trying”
I’m drowning-
though your love surrounds me
choking on every word
without your breath of life
in last I recall your sweet mother arms
embraces to hold me til Kingdom come
now left-
my fingertips bare such burdens of withdrawal, of loss
with so little conversation, they turn upon themselves
and eat me.
Words I long to hear
are oft too far
when most dearly they are needed here-
beside me.
Phrases I long to capture in my grip
tongue them lightly from lip- to lip-
rest them in the bosom of my soul
where are these lovely quips?
Laden full of my maiden’s mirth.
I wish for Love and so seeking
Diana loves me
but mistress Moon
where have you gone?
Oh, Dove, come nestle in my night’s sky.
So I might whisper and whisper why-
there is nothing so wonderfully, so awfully grand
that one could better do
than lie in bed waking up- to you.

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