Out of Places

All my life, I’ve felt out of place- in my school, in my family, in my country.

The one solace I had, was that I still had a place- a place to call home.

There is no home now.

There is no place.

I am – out – of place.

None left.

I’ve looked in all the houses, and apartments of friends, of family.

The most comfortable bed I find

is on the road, away from all the everything, all the everyone.

Let me go further, further, further down the road.

I’m heavy, but I will carry me.

I’m ridiculous, and lazy and foolish, but I’ll take care of me.

It’s the only one I’ve got.

So seeya later kid.

Meetya in 20 years,

when I’ve got my motorbike

and cool shades

and not a damn in the world…

I always wanted kids,

maybe I’d finally have some friends,

some family,

ya know?

A place-

———-to call home…

Eh, too bad,


maybe I’ll think about it

when I come ’round next time,

I’m thinkin’ nows good

right here,

ta end the line.


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