Drinkwriting in Honor of Lost Brother

On this rainy night

Thoughts fly out

To the only brother

I have yet lost

Here’s to you-


The rain trickles down


Our empty glasses full

We rejoice

For what few sweet drops that fell

Out of your darkly dripping sky



Mystifying light

Storm clouds

Cover o’er

Our own minds



Cacophany so sweet the rhythms of our own lives

Captured on tape

Run the reel again!


O’er and o’er again

Nothing but the seldom drop of rain

Hits me like a sea of little knives

Cuts so deep

Cuts so nice

I had to buy them,

No problem

At twice the price

Deep down I shuffle in my pockets

Fumble around for the change

Got a six pack in my brain

The papers wet

But the wraps just right


Flagons in the sky


Raising high

Man oh me oh my!

Gotta jam out jam right on tonight


The magicians on

Right on

A never ending loop of youtube, downloads rar. Wav. Forget the mp3’s tonight

I need it all

Drunk on drinking

Fingertips fleeting

Flying o’er pedals, steps, stops, keys- black and white

See through, between the lines

Forget the book, we’re flying solo tonight

Mix in the best of these the best of these that roll with these few drops

Of rain

Nothing spoils

See it plain,

And dry

On the rocks if you don’t mind

Just one,

One cube’ll do

I’m feelin’ fine

Flying high

Cocaine tonight

Nothings bad in the arms of my Baby Grand

Hell let’s call it a board

Boarding sea of sea troubles

Ain’t dangers fly

It’s Tuskegee

Air men


Might- just get, a little jet o’ mine

Fly right down and land on your Pacific rim

Ears ring clear and true and-

Dude could you lend me a Q-tip

Got a little too much glue in between my tubes

Wanna hear this here tune like it was,

Ya know


To love,



Ba-da, da-da-da-lum, pie

Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, yeah

Rock it back on 6 and we’ll beat them outta 12

Souls only cry tears in heaven

Hell, I betcha ain’t got so much as half as much money as you’d bet you like to handle

More’n half and you got yerself a deals quick sir

Fingers frit about them apple fritterin’ away

I say fritterin’ away

What’s the old pool table got to say now

Now your pool’s run dry, surfin’ the rim

Rollin’ skate high

Gotcha down, below the puddles run dry

In, out, in out, you know, brutha, you the first to die


Ain’t we all

Nah, ya’ll got it good

Only the good, they say, only the good

And young.

So young,

Too young

Drunk on life

Life half over by 21

What’s left ain’t no one can tell

But those in the sky


Still rainin’

Can’t keep dry,

I’m askin’

Ya know,

For the askin’

Gotta  stand up,

See ‘em fly

Can’t no body know

But keep askin’ why?

Why?  God, why?

No answers, all the same,

He’s a deadbeat anyway


I’m a drown sorrows

Pains and tomorrows

Get ‘er all out and float

Float, up, down river

Quick, ‘r you’ll seee

What gets you for floatin’

Floatin’ down river,

Mighty streams crossed

Buildin’ bridges

Livers live ‘ere

But non, none, care

What’s ups

Why’s sazzy sax

Sellin’ it?

Sal don’t mind no mare.


Got drink drunk in the male pale moonlight = fail

I ain’t got cash

Livin’ up and down

High grade shit

het get you out yet

got a dollar, gimme food

I flies rights on

Gimme dollar, gots sum food

A drink’ll do ya, me- good

.  Drink wash, waste ball, but my , but my, all, so

So, far gone, and ne’ver cummin’ = BACh

It’s only old recipes wild wife’s tails, got little remedies

And can’t lookit down and grab it up

Nah, ya’ll can’t figure, figurin’s cruel, le’mmefigure it’s out so small, take the emperor’s clothing andin the bitofotime I never once washed…..Maybe I soul d not let my creeper beeper parent laden ldead en debt trap top my opportunities.  And there’s no more of this but DRUNK!…..

Just the way ee liked it.

I’m sorry…

Loved it.


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