Enmeshed in the Hyperactivity of a Dream Overload

Whatever that means.

I’m waking, these things happen.

It’s just the inbetween.

[The camera opens eyes on a hotel bed peering out the window from across the room.  Hand moves a pillow, behind it- a journal}

Must write this down.

Whatever it is.  Just write it down.

You do not ask questions of your dreams, it is your dreams that do the asking.

“I’ve been enmeshed in this hyperactivity dream overload”


{I saw it closed the loop hole.}

{Past is prologue}

{Getting fuzzy}

{future is prologue}

{I danced on the head of a pin once}

{Now only the devil dances for me}


\Stupid bastard doesn’t run…\

He sees me…

He stops…

No more words…

[Gun fire, off in the distance]

\I’m getting used to it now, where was we?\

\I’ve seen it 5 or 6 times already\

\Drive by all loneliness\


\Steals your troubles away\

[Face down on the pillow, writing]

{I’ve been enmeshed in the hyperactivity of dreams overloaded}


Alarm clock reloaded

And kicked all the shells

…do I dare answer?

Someone left water… and a bottle of pills…

\It’s no hangover\

I’m bleeding red onto the bed…


\Reach.  Now!\

I can see with both eyes now…

A new message, I hadn’t written…

{Stay connected.  Remember, you can add air time.}

(Light pours in through the window)

\Running out of minutes, he’ll be here soon…\

\Jump out the window\

They were rocks, small and large and they would crumble and fall under me.. . .  .  .   .   .

But I hung on-

They weren’t after me yet,

I was losing fingers on the stone,

But climbed further to find the message.

(A Passport with my face- but a different name…)

I’d noticed it in a mirror the day before-

Yet that too was different wasn’t it…  Wasn’t it?

There, or not there- but observed nonetheless…

Beside the mirror passport- a stop watch with 1:09 and counting remaining.

No Silver…

No Gold…

Just- {RUN!}

So I do what any sane man would do…

I walk calmly, slowly away, once I’ve climbed down…

And suddenly things are hard to reach- like the exit.

They’re not quite so close as I thought, depth perception shot.

Maybe they are closer, maybe the exit’s not.

They chase me, I know that, with different faces, they’re after me.

They don’t like people who don’t play the game the same.

There’s the man-

he’s here now

\he’s here now\

and he can’t sleep…

\he CAN’T sleep.\

I see it in his eyes he’s been dousing himself in gasoline flames, wet flames.


(Pains him, doubles over, out of breath)

Burns the mind, not the skin

(a hand lifts a pistol- the finger pulls the trigger)


I wake instead

(The window’s open, I’m staring out from the hotel bed)

Must write this down

Before it bleeds out my head

So someone will find it

Will find me…

So I won’t have to die

And stay dead.

{I have become enmeshed in the hyperactivity of dreams overloaded}

{I’m stuck here.  Please help!}


{I’m out of time, but you might not be…}

{Stay connected}

“Stay connected”

[Rushing me down the hall]

“Let’s get him more air!  Time?!]




1:09 blinks back at me.

The alarm clock reloads

And reloads it’s 1:09

Single action chamber

The only action that counts…


This time- I RUN.


[M put his boots on]


Into a criminal technology

M made roses of clover men

Look like they’ve forgotten themselves…



\Must remember my own.\

\I’m still thinking about it now, keeping it in my mind’s eye, holding onto it- but the ink starts to fade on the page, I’m forgetting, something, there was something… I had it just now, it fades, and fades again…


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