Game Rules: No. 4

I’m turning into a nasty bit of loneliness without my darling dear with another darling here, I’m a freakishly lax and amiable guy that pretends on pretension , presents pleasantly and would love to be martyred for your cause. There’s a stillness here in the beehive, but humming honey hymnally and him-like there’s an over stressing of the tongue and writing long sentences that can never end well, unless of course you’ve got great big ol’ bouncy breath with which to carry me, all the way home. I’m articulately gesticulating with my jaw bone yammering my manners with my meticulous molecules of memory that grant me the power to pull from my lips, the teeth the tip of the tongue and that is how we breathe, through the roof of the mouth, through the nasal canal, ears, or vaginal and anal cavities, out with the placenta and eleven times in the eye. Coloring outside the lines are permitted and of course, endorsed by all parties. A bi-partisan effort, and a decisive victory for The American President from America, lapels were out this weekend flashing’ fashionable Patriots Pins, and it took a Wide Receiver and a HAM radio to take these babies down, A horror story claimed the childhoods of three cardinal, priests, cardinal of course being the Latin word for Chesterus Hemolestedus The third, a Geek Prophet of the third century who allegedly leaked information to 3rd world children hidden in his Norwegian Wooded Caves, would lick the parts off cats and dogs and regurgitate it for his offspring, mostly though he just touches buttholes… Not always politely.


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