Giving Me Up (part 1)

He gave himself up
Like a love full of medicine
And dropped his arms down to the ground touching feet
Took him many words to get it out – Rights
Now freeze and remain calm
Everything you can say or do
Catch him up, up
In a spring forth
Cum remedy
A fool’s worth of his gold
Captured up, up chests
Buoyed dream boats
Larger remedies
In the larder
Caught a knick-knack humble honey bee
Caught in the larder
Kiss me back-a-knee
This is backside avenue
Bit back big bits a blackhead bacne
Bacchus bought baboons bonbons.
Biting bic pens big ben’s boring boobies.

Man loves woman in all her forms
Sol walks into the room- it erupts
Cleaned out the mystery of the shakers
Milkshake nipple trick tickled
Little bits bit a little bit

Thought he give up
Yuengling, younglings, Tiger Lily
Brass nightmare
Second Daughter
Homely comely humble cumble

Tiger Lily Lilith
Lilith Tiger Lily
Tiger Lillith Lily
Lily Tiger Lilith
Lilith Lily Tiger
Lily Lillith Tiger

“They’re great!” Tony, “Don’t bother, her she’s just a tigerling my little Lily Lillith Tiger, my little Lilith Lilly Tiger, you are, you are, you are, my lilipution Lilly tiger Liger Lilith.

Checking round the corner right like a right rough and rumbly reaping reechipeep

Williams gone on by now
Know how I know?

You don’t have to have 20/20 Vision to see
That these frames are out of sight

These are jokes to tell when your frames have no lenses
And totally bitchin’

That’s all I’ve got for now folks

Thank god for sweatpants
She must have been freezing
Is it hot or what?

I had soup earlier,
Thank you


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