blank CD Jamspirations #7

That’s not Collin’s
I wouldn’t even know
Met your mom
Should have been Ina metal band In high school
It’s a green street annihilation breathing apparatus
I can only breathe in screaming “daddy” at us
Where the kitty cat at at this here hour here?
Rumbly tumbling down to town with the circus
It’s in the elephant line holding tails with it’s  nose upturned
Linking dumbo links like sausages
Download the full video here
It’s a scam man
Gotta kitty virus gonna make you like mice
Unscarred of the terror before you
“Ahh, that must be nice.”
You’ll never jump out of your seat in fear
Calmly reply, “is that train incoming dear?”
Depth perception freaks shouldn’t be driving eye patching
Up lidless liner cups with band aids,
Maine moose may make make mice more many rice cakes
Drab long


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