Gotta write us a letter of recommendation

The art of it had not escaped him yet
He had been looking in Arizona for a DYNOMITE Princess uprooted a Daisy ‘n’ Peach
Much more in store and little else
Creptscurry along the briney bay,
Sat upon the balcony
Staring into a
Leap from second to
Across the stair
It’s lava, lava, everywhere
Spider twixt walls crawls the halls without floors
Ceilings higher, low
Avalanching slow in the staircase
Falling, a third, upon a second

Let’s look back on what we’ve found here, very little- to be true
Get our boots in gear, get the fun on top let loose tight goose, un-noose our roost give us a boost.  Daimond eyes watching, cries
Ok let’s no slow any how any mo
You don’t have your mind arranged very well
You could do more with less than this, and what is it exactly that you are doing?  Gotta write us a letter of recommendation


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