More Noise Therapy

photo (3)

Oh no, not more noise therapy
I could have used this
Time, to get things back together
In a sparingly springy kinda nightmare
More basche bolsch grolch coach
Bach backs into a bachinal corner
I’m not drinking wine
Blackberry me brandy
And we’ll see about the up kisses later
He thought, and meandered on, to himself in a corner
Little lilliputs crunch munch mind dangling
underfoot in teeth
I’ve got four stacks of lonely psalms and they’re all
Hollow bodied be thy name
And holier than thou skip skips unto timely limelight knocks sizzle, drizzle down sticks drumming up oils for wealth of canola coils
I’ve dribbled it all
Drizzling little sauces over a myriad of molten Mary Beth’s
And sister Mary’s and all father’s loving out the bits of it
In stereophonic sound you find stereos abound
In a shoplifter’s world I carry me all home
Carry me all,
Mellow me,
Mellow me
Ain’t seabreeze? It.
Done.  Gotcha, lax, Lum likes little boys with hard ons
Mass appeal
En effectivo Los lobos lost several of my honey bones
You ain’t got no xylophone drones
Bomb away
Bombs away
Glows it’s color out in glassy rays
You said you had a gig here?
Let’s get it on
That’s so Gaye
Martian me Marvin pops my marshmallow means more to mine own melancholy than plastic pillows in people’s petulant pedantry
Nimh sense
I’m all about the maladies
Muh lady’s knees
My, lassie’s free again
Who sprung her free
Gizmo, Threed, more jamba, need weed
The note reed Ina bottle
Geet thee to a nunnery!
Say I!
Say I!
Say I!


A desert of loneliness
The sands are everywhere like friends cry
A Bit only on weekends

A light blue
In through my window
Pooh sighs in his thinking spot
Found piglets out by the water
Owls gone and caught him by
With talons
In his hand
Ms. Piggy miss me
Let’s get you some medicine
Jumping unto a freight train hitched a ride in the summer wind in a right rain
Slap me in the face at high speeds we’re movin’ slowly
And gots to be drowning lonely,
It’s a hobo lifestyle
On the road again, well, on the right track
I’ve got my bag all polka-dotted, swingin’ from some tree limb- stick lamb on hobbled holey lunch patches
Let’s take a dice in this pond for two,
And get on with it
I’ll leave it at that, this song is over


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