Two Switchies

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In Midnight City, I miss my old job, I miss the good old days, who know’s how long I’ll be anywhere.  Who knows how long I’ll be, here, or there.

I’m not really asking now anyhow, anyway,

Watch what I’ll do, watch me, I can dance.  I can leap,  I can fall, I can pick myself up, I can put myself down, I’m reaching out now and I’m trapped in a hole I’ve dug, to China, if I could get myself there.  If I could, I would.  But I can’t so I won’t get outcha a man China, Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Hypocrite, Cricket, Endochrenologist.  Laughing up in a bunny wide smile, circus screams, acrobat swinging teenaged mutants, and ol’ floppy ears appears in his tophat and hurricane wit in tact, teased me on my longside for a fortnight and tossed me a lemming back everyday.

Can I put away this nonsense now?

We’re floating back through the bitterness, the chitter chatter of chitty chatty Kathys’

The lessening of love drops

Seriously, I drowning in this sea, and you don’t realize it’s just me, out here-

-but maybe we’re all drowning,

Maybe you’ve all drowned, and I am what’s nothing left.

I’m not treading water well enough

To keep it all, salty wetness out my mouth

In the Midnight city of Atlantis, the drink-

Is briny and cool to the palette, acidic, full-bodied

In the bit of it, I sipped up, laughs

Drinks in more and stops the guzzling eyes that capture

Took but a wee bit of it-

The crazy gargling of monoliths in literature, biblical heroes drank

Their stare- hard

The skeletons bore more of me underfoot as some replicant of their authority

A robot life

For me- I have two switchies, A clock that’s right twice a day, and an ambivalent compass

It’s kind of like having a cat…


One comment

  1. Reminded me of a quote:
    Fishing is much more than fish. It is the great occasion when we may return to the fine simplicity of our forefathers. (c)Herbert Hoover here

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