There wasn’t enough of a Foundation left to carry me…

It was in the garbled wood I spied you, unpacking my friend’s hatchback of your things.  And visions in the aisles of a market-like place.  I saw devil smiles and strange dreams on your face.  I made eyes across a Summer table lunching on chips and cheese and pepperoni’s, the scraps refrigerators left me.  I danced into a blues band, nobody minded, they applauded, we stole the show, the singer didn’t like me, she wanted your dick.  I left in a rush to the West side, it’s a story I wrote as a boy, I wandered to the East side and wondered what shot me up.  You stayed in the middle and batted eyes.  I thought I’d never find you again.  I thought well, there’s always second best.  There’s always nevermore, there’s all but nothing I can do to keep at rest.  I bounce around the states awhile and wait for what might come next. I wonder what a Summer sun will bring again, and if your eyes look something like it.  Naked, with luminescent micro-organisms crowding around our sexes, the heavens reflected in the flash of swirls above the sands, the stars gazed down and the sky was falling all over again.  I’m listening to you now and I thought again of sandy parts, of watermellon-strawberry kisses and chases on the bikes.  I wept away with secret spaces and swept my eyes of saddy tears, a happy gladness that reappears, sandals, skirts and almond eyes, wearing dresses I mustache you a question with a lullaby, butterme butterfree my butterfly, fly, fly, fly.  Up skirts, and under dresses, moist towels and between thighs, I caught you up and fell upon the rock, drifted streamwards, down dream, I rolled up my sleeves and went back to sleep.

A skeleton in my closet does appear, and improvises shaky dances upon me- warm, unimpresses.  I skinny down a bit and reach olympic rings round me rhine a coat du rhote slick, ‘n’ slide.

If this was to be a secret, it would speak not of things.

If this was to be a secret, it would not speak at all, it wouldn’t branch out, wouldn’t grow so tall.  It wouldn’t go on and on, and form some limbs, it wouldn’t walk about, wouldn’t wear fancy rings.  It would only be a little box, of text, to be exact, precisely what I put down, but when I leave, it too is gone, and now I’ve come back again to right some wrong.  But the text is all out of order, my words they all un-scry, I would not like it at all, I do not like green eggs and ham, I do not like them, Sam I am!

No I am not that book, nor any other, no none at all, I’ve got a little thing here, that I’d like to show to you, and this is exactly what, precisely what I do.  I’m mixing up a lot a bit, a paint, a tint, a mixture, and here and there, and share a bit of that old done gone joseph smokey joe, get us a low flow, look around UH-OH, ain’t no where to go.  Forgot it, let’s gone, go begone, go on, and on and on and on.  No sense, nonsense, there won’t be any waiting around here anymore, you’ve forgotten all the words to the lines you forgot your lines and you’re up on stage and can’t tell you why, why why why whyw hyw hywhywyhywhyhwyhywhywhywhy, wow, you’ve messed that up a lot a bit, andnothing more and nothing more anymore.  Smiles a bit and writhelike, not- no- no, happy smiles, can’t you die awhile?  words not come out cum cum cum, out not wno! now!  Ok, so, do you do, I’m back again, and how ’bout you?

Oh I’m fine thank you could I have some more?


you want CMORE!?

Well, maybe just a bit if you don’t mind too too much.


No, too, too much.


No, “too, too” much.


That’d be 1-1 wouldn’t it?

Yes, I suppose so…

You don’t think anyone’s actually reading this do you?

Gee I hope not…  We’ve been going on in such a way for such a time, I’d hate to think what they’duh, doo with this.


This isn’t very funny anymore.

No?  Well neither are you.

Are you trying to say something?

Well, yes, I thought so.

Well why don’t you just come right out and say it?

Umm, well that would take away the fun now wouldn’t it?

Are you insulting me?

Yes, but, well… indirectly.


Indirectly, in that I am not directing, presently, any insult in your general direction… at the moment.

Oh… Well good.

But you have to guess.

Guess what?

The insult.


That’s how it works!


The insult.

You’re going to make me guess my own insult?

Yep.  Makes it more insulting, ya’see?

Sure, but, uh, no.

Come, ON!








Pretty please?!




Pwetty, pwetty please?!  I’m on my knees, with a lump of sugar on top.






So…  How does this work?

20 questions.

20 questions?

20 questions!





Are you a mineral?

Are you a mineral?

That’s what I said.

Well I’m not a mineral.

Fine.  Is it a mineral?

Is it a mineral?



Fuck this.

No, wait!


It’s not a mineral.

OK.  Fine.  Is it a vegetable?




Well is it?

No, it’s not a mineral.

I don’t get the joke…

No, “IT” is not a mineral.

We got passed that, is it a vegetable?


What the hell man!?

No, no, no, hahaha, it’s not a mineral, we’re not talking about an it.  We’re talking about a who. hahaha

I don’t get it…   Oh…  Right, the insult…  Am I a mineral?


Oh-kaaay.  Am I a vegetable?


Seriously, you’re retarded.

Well at least I’m not a vegetable.

That’s not funny, my aunt was a-


…This conversation is over…

No, no, wait, please don’t go….


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