Never Ending Poem Entry #6



The sun is set,
It is gone-
Til tomorrow
When is that that that tomorrow come?
When doth dawn break upon the plotted plain?
When might I rest my weary eyes unto naught-
More darkness?
Hither, into the night I stroll
A diamond light shine from every corner store
And down from e’ery building
40 stories
And in each 20 windows
Through which peer the souls
Of everyone.
No one- gone
Off to ponder the subconscious
Off to wonder what, about dreams
Ghost trains
Wandering about the night bright
shining symbols in the mole’s holes
Tunnels to new stops
The instrument of man plays a somber tune
Gets you going
Wakes you up, wake up! Wake up!
And nothing more
Nothing left but of this- little more
There’s mass in blackness sucking in stars
Spitting out centuries
Wyrm holes to a new paradigm
What was this person saying?
It’s a new day
No sun
Vamping the neat meats held out in fists crumbling
Grinding through crushing fists
Squeeze out the life and little more, little more
Cats nip up nap at scrap at the sap pouring down
What would you do?
Tiny books for tiny readers
What was that?
Can’t forget
Remember what?
Never mind
Nothing left
Gotta go back, recall what I saw
There isn’t anything but lovemaking in the rubble
Hard on’s to violence
Fucks to the sounds of murder
Death has no place but lands, lands of dead
Talk about it like it’s incorporeal, not having a body
Don’t you know?
Let it go.
Nothing serious
Just my dick in your butt
Gotta philanthropic at it
Therapeutics biting at my lips
Got too much cake to fill me up, down, up
B, A, Start, selections on sale today and nothing left
And little else, but consumption, consume, consume,
Consume me Siri tell me more of your butterfinger snack glasses, buttery lips lock and slide, man there is no satisfaction quite like this, came on her tits and felt sorry I wiped it up with little bits of self effacing humor
Wiped up the flesh of her, me too,
We were nothing but a loogie in a napkin
Thick mucosal membranes twisting in and out of each other
Midichlorians met midocondrian eve
In a basement somewhere
Some say Paris
More like Nadine.
Let the sapphire glow go
And damsels died like bitches
The hitch is no one’s getting hitched these days
Thumbed a ride for an open road and forgot where I was going- nowhere.  Now, I can’t remember
What was it I was giving a shit about?
Into the lackness, colors seemed to fade into flackless
Freckles in the sky showin’ little akin to skin
Dot my marks my hacking yacko forgot the tray
Silver platter you soak up and and and suck on
Teaspoon out the memories and find the sugar for me will you please?  I’ve lost a lump or two, not too sweet, I’m gonna take in a puff, a pipe on my stuff, fire light little but damn girl what up those legs is in my prospects climb the trees and sift about the bushes and situation strong in the senses let go of all but a horse hair plastered hoarse head severed in my bed, broken glass, I slept on the floor
And nothing left but butterflies- nope, they’re gone too, suffering only, ain’t it grand, he’s dead now and maybe you should cry about it.  Tear fears for tears since then I haven’t found rocks at all to let you- I- know, what’s going down, it’s not really down, it’s all perspective and up isn’t too different, fall out of your airplanes, bring a parachute, chuck it and walk away with Charlie, the old switcheroo, Groucho grinning in a grease paint smile, can’t shake it- oh how, now, casual.

Today, I am alive, but by the skin of my teeth.  There is little more- to hold on to.  I’m scratching at the surface of a nevermind and tossing whatever’s in a vat for a soup of calamity, served with a dry empty bag of fucks left to give I’ve given them all away and couldn’t care less, cares are gone too.  I’d like to meet you, head on, and forget all this poppycock about me getting a real job, no one is hiring a a non working non union non working non person it’s just non gonna happen. Eat some naan.  Yum hums for my tum numbs.
Consumption junction what’s your function?
Killin’ lot’sa ladies and babies and daddies.

Kangaroo girl hopped outta my lullabies
Where are you?
Hoped to the corner store bought flagons of wine
Flagrant vagrants wandered down this night for liquors stores the burn in freezing fingers
Dribbled change dumbly triggers tiggers
Bounce, ya’ll bounce a deal’s goin’ down goon soon
Swooning loons tune in and turn up the iPod people’s stereophonic spending spree, it’s free with purchases of every soul
Moonbeam meandering moths like the ways mouths behave wing in and tingle tongues, lip lickin’ dusty smiles
Pulled off the shelf and examined in their quarantine the babies look back in anger and fetally feel out their own ambilical chords plug in RCA and they’re viewing you in fermaldahyde fermenting the finest white baby boujolais vintners have had the misfortune to cast upon a palette, won awards the world ’round for creative misintentions, jump to another conclusions the taste buds spring to life flavors of a good died young- must have been the best, younger than the rest, it’s life died in conception and grew from their unlovemade tug fucking pigs in the mud made more moon pies, many, so stuff your face full of the gooey goodness and think not what died here, but what might live inside of you and eat it’s way out til it becomes a person.  Yummy.  Sweating sweets all day long, I’d save the world, end world hunger, wars and absolut vodka poverty with my pores, I’m just so tired of running these days I’ve already jogged a mile, think I’ll stop and rest awhile, “The Hot Chick” is on and Rob Schneider is just too funny, he never gets old- does he?  No, he’s immortal like the rest of them, we’ll mourn his passing at the oscars someday so he can live in obscurity again.  Drifting into a refugee fugazi not like this, no, I’m dressed in nines, #9 #9 #9 #9 and I’ve lost 100 of my Dalmatians I killed the dad and took the bitch by the ears what’s left of her anyway- there were only ears left and little more, Cruella’s got a way with a knife you don’t want to bark about it’s a worse bite.  She got a pretty coat though, man, I better sing a song about it, animal cruelty isn’t paletteable enough for the kids yet, better yet let’s sing about the white man steing our lands raping our women and enslaving our brothers and sons, add a little dance number to it and they’ll all be down for atrocity humminah humminah humminah hum hummingbird strum your sad guitar and no one will hear but you can cry for us like the leaves in the trees, suicidal leave, and die a sad beautiful death, we’ll all watch too, come from all over til we get the TV broadcast, it’s a gladiator’s world out there and we’re all cheering you along so go ahead, and fall.  We all fall down.


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