Writing at the Diner might not be the best idea…

I can totally tell you’re reading this….
So I’m back here in the city and I really don’t know what’s going on
What is trajectory?
Figure it out.
Voice work sounds like a good idea for a class
Fuck Rocks
Next up is the job hunt, the apartment hunt, the audition hunt, simultaneous. Find something better, faster, cheaper. I don’t need the night life. I don’t need a nice. I need work, I need capital, I need to start up my podcast again. Like I said before.
I’ve lost everything I’ve ever cared about
completely forgot to care about anything at all
I’m rolling in it and standing up on top of my tree
forgetting to hold on
forgetting to let go
the spider webs trapped me
caught me as I fell away and toked with strangers of our miseducation
we’d been churning out in the gears getting lost in the mix we were no where and no one to anyone and the only thing left for us to do was to carry on on the conveyor belt they’d put us on
I don’t need anyone right now, as long as I have you Michael
Well you got me kiddo
What’s next, what do we want? Apartment, I don’t care where, just cheap.
Job, I don’t care just making good money.
Audition, I don’t care, just somewhere else.
Fuck you if you can’t dance, I’m still upset obviously,
But forget you if you can’t enjoy yourself without a clink clink clink of coins, shift, shift, shift of bills in hands and I’m
I’m living in the dark
My whole life is dark and that’s why, I find I laugh so much,
No other option
My world is black and I’m laughing night mouthed into it and reaching into my soul and pulling out pieces to swallow and shit out, I’m devouring my own self

I’m in survival mode, I need to think of the things that will ensure my survival because without me around I teeter very closely to the edge, very closely.

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