I only Love you when I’m Drunk


In these moments of doubt
I feel
So much closer
To you
And when I go to sleep
I feel so much more
In love with you
And when I go to bed at night
I feel
So much more-
The missing of you
Missing you

Perhaps I should have gone
For ever
And never come back
But I did- for you
Too much missing,
I’m gone, for want of you
And my missing has lingered on so far as to wish it nothing but the wishing, wishing for you.
I have such a hard time forgetting
When I’ve forgotten so much
I forget not the pain I paid
The well wishes lost in your arms
I cannot think but wish on, wish on, wish on
That someday, seeming, the light would flick on
For you, for you
I grow impatient
I’ve nothing left
Nothing left but love
In all my places
Think on, think on
For you
Daimond faces queen of hearts
I have only aces in spades up my sleeve
Dig me out
Dig me out please


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