Sincerely, Interest

Favorite whiskey? GO!
Don’t worry, I’ll go first.
I’d say it’d have to be a dead heat between Crown Royal and Knob Creek, though I do have a bottle of Woodford Reserve I am rather quickly getting to the bottom of. My go-to cheapo brand is undeniably Wild Turkey, hell I just like the name, don’t taste too bad neither. I’m not the biggest Irish whiskey fan but I could never turn a little Jameson, gotta love the Irish, they’ve done so much drinking… And car bombs.

So there’s that, I also wondered how much dog belly you have to pet, I’m what you’d call a dog person. It’s nothing like catdog. Good show though.

And finally, I challenge you to a spliff off. Best two out of three, winner take all. But should probably still share anyway. I mean it would only be polite.



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