Too Much

She strong in the face,

I mean the kinda girl you’d call a two bagger

you wear one too,

just in case her’s slips off.

I’m just sittin’ here sippin’ my drank

in this loneliness bar and in walks this double bourbon of a lass

with hips like a rodeo, ya gotta hog tie ’em first

she’d kick ya off but any kinda ride right now would suit me fine

so I sidle on over to ‘er and give the good eye

I mean the mean ol’ give it to ‘er good eye

the kinda eye that says you ain’t shittin’ right for a week when I’m done with ya

I mean the kinda eye that says girl I am gonna lick you up and down your back side til you rollin’ init.

I give it to ‘er good and hard and I mean this look is the kind of thing that strips most hip cats in moments

she’s still there, standin’ with her clothes on, which is only polite, ’cause we in a bahr,

and I slip ‘er some o’ dat good ol’ sweet talk

I mean real honey mouthin’ like

“Where do you come from girl?”

or “I don’t know where that is, I’ve never been there before.”

or my favorite, tried and true “what do you do for work?”

man girls love dat shit

and man she be lovin’ it like I be handed her ma dick on a mother fuckin’ golden platter.

yea she be sayin’ sheeit like “I’m from a little town outside of Pittsburgh, it’s really lame, you’ve probably never heard of it.  It’s like Amish country basically.”

and then she tells me “I’m in retail.  I sell jewelry to rich, old people.”

And I be all like, “oh, that’s cool” and sheeit like that you know, you know you know!

Man didn’t even need her number ’cause I like gave her my Facebook and shit and now she be all up on my wall sending’ me requests like sum bitch wanna be friends and sheeit.  Well I’ma be all up in there next times I see ‘er cause you know she gots them grooves and them hips.  And I’ma be all like “hey, you wanna go out for a bit, maybe get a hamburger, I’m feeling a bit peckish, how about you.”  All cool and sheeit, man she want ma deeick so bad man, I’m tellin’ you.


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