I’ve got a Problem

So I fell in love with a Jewish Girl from New York
So sue me, Woody Allen thought it was funny.
We did a Sleeper dance around our romance
Wait til my doctor get’s a load of this, post-humously speaking of course, that cigarettes and red meat could be so healthy. I broke my skin maps and couldn’t get a hold of you, on the telephone line. She’s my security blanket, madam, I’m a Snark masterly Snarker, I only get Snarkier.
Mr. Franky Ocean Blue in your hair I’ve been “Thinking about you” Blue whisper of the wanderer.

I’ve written myself into all your stories, I’ve penned my name unto every page. Mellow, dramatic, panic scares me a fish in one tale to one fish, two fish, red fish, Blue fish.
Caught the coy by the neck and gutted it himself to feed himself, the man. He ate everyday. Grew up and down sizes. He made himself legs then he walked them away. And burned the legs on the other side of the country. It was not a celebration, it was a youth in revolt. On Battle Screens. Next Sunday, nah It was Mel Brooks idea: Jews in Space.
It was a space jam affair slam dunking aliens into my digital love there was a daft punk wandering around on a Cowboy Bebop beat, took to the heavens like a free bird caught in cosmic waves, arrays itself in ultraviolet ways robot rock my heart attack gamma rays unto the limits of perception, final frontiers the front end of humanity, pushes the enveloping existence beyond it’s bounds to the ends of the Universe!
The battle star captain Whizzed past overhead the skies lit up upon his departure he walked the starboard and the port, he walked each and every hallway, each spot, and every place- he knew. Up, up in space. He dangled daisies above me like a goon. A silhouette standing in his space station staring off into the galaxies the beauteous Star Buck wanders to his side hold each other in three moon starlight. Once a year. On the only day they would arrive together, the 13th of November and thank god it’s Friday


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