The Box I’m in

I wake up

Wonder what brought me here
Wander away, wander away
There is this place
Called home
That lays in the belly
Of a woman love
It’s faraway
She stands at the end of the pier, doesn’t wait long
Walks away, I’ve already gone,
On the horizon I am dissipating myself
A mirage: the woman who once was
I’ve been casting my nets to catch a happiness
It’s not a fish you can easily catch
But you’ll find it at times swimming alongside your craft
Try to catch it- and it’s gone!
Swims away
only loneliness fishes and sad shrimp
Catch themselves in your trap
Stranger things have been caught…
There is a box below that holds all my treasures
And when I touch it, it picks itself up and eats itself from the inside out, and everything is gone, and everything is gone, and nothing is left.  I go to the box again, pictures of you and in my hands they burn away with it’s dragon’s breath and the box is empty again.  How to catch myself.  I go to the box again and I’m still there spinning out of control as I open and close and reopen and reclose this treasure chest box, finding the world as it disappears in my hands, I get in the box, and close the lid on myself, on the other side, another me opens the box, and picks me up and I disappear in my own hands…
I am nowhere now, so you can’t find me anymore, I’m not here at all.

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